Hi! My name is Laurel Chor.

I'm an Emmy-nominated freelance journalist, photographer, filmmaker, and National Geographic Explorer from Hong Kong.
​​​​I do a bit of everything: I take photos (my true love), writepresent on-camera, make/host podcasts, and produce/direct documentaries. I aim to tell emotion-driven stories about the impact of transborder forces – whether geopolitical, economic, or environmental – on people and nature. 

I am based between the UK and Ukraine. I have worked for the New York Times, National Geographic, the Washington Post, VICE, Al Jazeera, Getty, the Guardian, Reuters, AFP, the Los Angeles Times, the Telegraph, NBC News, and others.

Over the past year, I have been focused on covering the Russia-Ukraine War. My work was included in CNN's "
photos that define the war in Ukraine". 

My main project in Ukraine is co-directing an independent feature-length documentary on three civilians who risk their lives to help others on the front lines of Donbas. (Interested in becoming a producing or funding partner? Reach out!)

Earlier in the Russia-Ukraine War, we also made a short documentary and podcast series for Project Brazen:
In 2022, I also hosted a short documentary about cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo for VICE News. My photograph of a copper and cobalt mine was selected as one of TIME's Top 100 Photos of 2022.
Other stories I’ve worked on recently:    
I am also currently pursuing a Masters in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management at Christ Church, Oxford University. My research looks at the commodification of manta rays.

The best way to keep updated about my work is to follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

You can reach out to me here.

Laurel Chor

Award-winning journalist, photographer, and filmmaker from Hong Kong.
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